What If CIG is NOT a Game Company? - TINFOIL HAT REQUIRED

“Okay this is a bit of a tinfoil hat video, but hear me out. What is CIG is not making a game but rather a game engine?”

The author is proposing a theory that the main objective of Cloud Imperium Games Corporation (CIG) isn’t necessarily to develop the games Star Citizen and Squadron 42, but rather to build a game engine. This idea is based on the lengthy development process, massive budget of the games and the modifications made to the initial engine. The analogy given compares CIG’s approach to a person building their own lumber yard to produce wood for the house they are constructing rather than buying ready-made lumber.

Building on this, the author suggests that Star Citizen and Squadron 42 could be viewed as demos to showcase the capabilities of the game engine they are theoretically developing. Additionally, the two separate games serve different purposes, demonstrating both multiplayer and single player modes. The discussion continues with the question of why CIG is consistently demonstrating ‘behind the scenes’ steps of their development process, which the author suggests could be marketing directed not at players, but at other game developers.

The theory raises ethical concerns regarding the use of backer funds for the development of a game engine, in addition to the games themselves. Although there’s transparency from CIG’s side about the development process, some argue that backers funded the games and not the development of an engine. Yet, there’s a contention that building an engine was a necessary measure for realizing CIG’s vision for the games.

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