The First 6-Person Industrial Gameloop in Star Citizen | A Full Salvager + Cargo Transport

In this video, the content creator and their group test the multi-crew salvage gameplay in Star Citizen using two Reclaimer ships. They discuss their positive impressions, suggestions for improvement, encountered technical issues, and estimate a profit of around 600,000 credits per person over two hours.

In this video, the content creator and their group set out to test the new multi-crew salvage gameplay in Star Citizen. They are using two Reclaimer ships and their goal is to determine if a six-person salvage operation can be engaging and profitable. They start by taking on small missions to increase their reputation and gain access to larger ships. The gameplay involves scraping the hulls of ships, sorting through cargo, and disintegrating the salvaged materials. They discuss the importance of physicality in the game and express their disappointment that some features, like “grabby hands,” were not given as much importance. Despite some boredom and repetition in the salvaging process, the group has overall positive impressions of the gameplay and find it enjoyable when played casually.

They also discuss the potential for future improvements, such as adding more tasks and variety to the salvage loop. The group suggests that while one crew member is scraping the hull, others could be collecting components from the ship’s interior. They also speculate about the possibility of larger salvage ships in the future and express the need for a redesign of the Reclaimer’s cargo hold to accommodate more storage. The video showcases the teamwork and coordination required for an efficient salvage operation and highlights the importance of having a transport ship to handle the quickly accumulating salvaged materials.

Throughout the gameplay, the group encounters some technical issues, such as missing cargo boxes and problems with the Discord invite link. Despite these challenges, they manage to salvage a significant amount of materials and estimate a profit of around 600,000 credits per person over two hours. The video concludes with the content creator expressing their satisfaction with the salvage gameplay and their intention to continue salvaging in future sessions.