Star Citizen's New Ship & Tool Tractor Beams in Action | What Can We Lift?

A streamer in Star Citizen tests the new tractor beams on ships and a handheld tractor beam tool, showcasing their ability to move cargo of various sizes and discussing the limits of these new features. They also mention the recently added Pyro system, answer viewer questions about gameplay and hardware, and conclude the stream with plans for future content while showing appreciation for the viewers.

The video features a streamer playing Star Citizen, focused on testing the new tractor beams in the game. They engage with their viewers throughout the process, inquiring about everyone’s day and ensuring the audio levels are satisfactory. The stream begins with the streamer announcing their plans to test the vehicle tractor beams and the newly added handheld tractor beam tool. They express excitement about the in-game feature and mention that they will be playing in the Public Test Universe (PTU).

During the stream, the streamer attempts to obtain the new tractor beam tool, speculating that it may be available at a refinery station. They purchase the tool and various sizes of cargo boxes to conduct tests on the capabilities of different tractor beams. The streamer is interested in how well the tools perform in lifting cargo boxes of various sizes and possibly lifting vehicles as well.

The streamer experiments with the tractor beams’ ability to lift and move cargo, starting with the vehicle tractor beam attached to the back of a ship. They are impressed by the loading and unloading efficiency and note the relative ease of moving even large boxes. The handheld tractor beam tool and the multi-tool tractor beam attachment are then tested, which both can lift heavy cargo with varying degrees of difficulty. The streamer hypothesizes about the potential for limitations on the multi-tool to avoid negative impacts on new players.

They briefly transition to discuss the recent addition of Pyro, a new system in Star Citizen, clarifying viewer confusion that Pyro is only in the PTU and not the live game. The streamer reassures viewers that Pyro would not be going live for a long time. They also answer questions about their personal hardware setup and game-related topics, such as ship usage and game development insights.

In the final part of the stream, the streamer proceeds to test tractor beams on the Caterpillar ship, a prominent cargo ship in the game. They encounter issues with the beam’s range and clearance, highlighting areas that still require development. Concluding their tests, the streamer shares their enthusiasm for the feature’s potential despite existing limitations needing polish. The stream ends with the streamer announcing their weekly streaming schedule and expressing appreciation for their viewers before initiating a raid to another streamer on Twitch.