Argo SRV First Look

In this video, the content creator explores the Argo SRV and tests its tractor beam capabilities in the game. They showcase the ship’s design, highlight the limitations of the tractor beams on larger ships, and express excitement about the addition of tractor beams to multiple ships in Star Citizen.

In this video, the content creator begins by apologizing for the larger scope of the video and announces that they will be looking at the Argo SRV and testing it in the game. They mention that the servers are currently experiencing bugs, causing frequent crashes, but they still plan to explore the capabilities of the tractor beams on various ships. They warn viewers about a loud audio bug when activating the SRV’s tractor gun and suggest adjusting their volume accordingly.

The video then proceeds to showcase the exterior and interior of the Argo SRV. The content creator discusses the ship’s design and layout, highlighting its compact and efficient nature. They point out different components and features inside the ship, such as the cockpit, remote turret, and cargo area. However, they encounter difficulties in determining the exact cargo space of the SRV and suggest that it may be a bug.

Next, the content creator and another player test the tractor beam on larger ships, such as the Constellation and the Reclaimer. They note that while they are able to move the smaller ships, they experience limitations and warnings when attempting to move the larger Reclaimer. They also mention that the Caterpillar and 315p ships confirm the presence of working tractor beams.

In the final paragraphs, the content creator expresses their enthusiasm for the addition of tractor beams to multiple ships in the game. They test the tractor beam in the versatile 315p ship and mention that similar capabilities are likely available in other ships. They acknowledge that there may be some bugs and issues due to the experimental test nature of the game, but overall, they are excited about the possibilities that tractor beams bring to Star Citizen.