Star Citizen Shadow Patch Notes 3.21.1 Talon Nerf, Tractor Beam Stacking, New Cryptokeys & More!

In this episode of Shadow Patch Notes, the focus is on the latest patch for Star Citizen. The patch introduces ship tractor beams, which allow players to grab and move objects, including disabled or shield-less ships. The update also brings new mission types like data heists and improvements to Salvage gameplay. Various ships, including the Argos SRV, receive tractor beam functionality. Other changes include updates to AI behavior, new tractor beam equipment for FPS gameplay, improvements to cities like New Babbage, and a glimpse of new ship variants. The upcoming release of structural Salvage and new hair options are also mentioned.

The patch notes discuss various changes in the latest patch of Shadow. The crash to desktop recovery system is working well, and players can no longer server swap when they crash or log out. Mission items are now highlighted in the inventory, and new data heist missions offer high payouts but require group cooperation.

A new crypto key called Fun Crypto Key has been added to the game, which is faster and more efficient than the base Tiger Claw. The Talon ship received a nerf in terms of total Gs, affecting its performance. The biggest change in this patch is the addition of ship tractor beams, opening up new gameplay possibilities.

Tractor beams can now be split into three groups - cargo beams, salvage beams, and tow beams. Different beams have different functionalities, and replacement tractor beam attachments can be purchased from the refinery terminal. The tractor beam UI is user-friendly, displaying the name, weight, and tension of the object being tractored.

The new Crusader C1 has been introduced as a competitor to the Cutlass ship. Legacy ships have also been retroactively fitted with tractor beam functionality, including the Cutlass Black. The Drake Caterpillar received updates to its beams for better ship movement and cargo loading. The 315p ship lacks a remote turret, making it more suitable for relocating ships and moving debris.

Tractor beams can now be used to move broken pieces of asteroids and debris on planets, but they currently cannot be placed inside ships. The Nomad, Constellation Taurus, and Reclaimer ships have all received improvements to their tractor beam functionalities. Salvage gameplay has also been improved, with updates to the UI of the Vulture ship and the addition of new laser heads.

The Argos SRV boasts the most powerful tractor beam in the game, allowing it to tow other ships and pull them through quantum travel. The new Max Lift tractor beam rifle is a powerful tool for players and can be purchased at the refinery decks. The tutorial has been moved to New Babbage and has received visual prompts and instructions for wearing a helmet.

City signage in various locations, including New Babbage, has been updated, providing a more immersive experience. The replication layer testing, a highly anticipated feature, has not yet been seen but may be released in a future patch. The next major update, 3.22, will introduce structural salvage, hair customization, and new ships like the Santoki and Origin X1.

The preview server has been active, allowing players to explore the Pyro star system, which received positive feedback. The video asks viewers for their feedback on the changes, their favorite tractor beam ship, and their experience with Pyro.

The video concludes by inviting viewers to the Twitch channel of the creator, where a giveaway for a Cutter Scout ship with LTI will be drawn live during a stream.

salt-e-mike reacts:

In a video by The5Star, SaltEMike reacts positively to the Star Citizen Shadow Patch Notes 3.21.1 and praises the comprehensive overview provided in the video. The patch notes cover improvements to crash recovery, new missions, the introduction of tractor beams, updates to salvage gameplay, and upcoming features and changes in the game.

The video being discussed is from a YouTube channel called “The5Star,” which focuses on Star Citizen content. The video is a reaction to the Star Citizen Shadow Patch Notes 3.21.1. The creator of the video praises the content and says that he has been wanting to make this type of video for his own channel. He highlights that the video covers not only the shadow patch notes but also provides an overview of what is included in the patch update.

The video begins by discussing the improved crash to desktop recovery feature, which is said to be working well in the live version of the game. The video then moves on to highlight some new missions related to data heists and the introduction of a new crypto key called the “fun crypto key.” It also mentions the nerf to the Talon ship and introduces the new ship tractor beams feature.

The video provides information about the different types of tractor beams, including cargo beams, salvage beams, and toe beams. It explains that the tractor beams can only be used on ships that have the specific functionality, and they cannot be interchanged between different types of beams. The video demonstrates how to use the tractor beams and mentions the new Crusader C1 ship, which is marketed as a competitor to the Cutlass.

Other topics covered in the video include the retroactive fitting of legacy ships with tractor beams, improvements to salvage gameplay, updates to vehicle headlights and radar ground sensitivity, changes to city signage, and the addition of support for PvP interactions related to ship trespassing. The video also mentions upcoming features and changes, such as the implementation of structural salvage and the introduction of new hair and ship variants.

Overall, the video provides a comprehensive overview and reaction to the Star Citizen Shadow Patch Notes 3.21.1, highlighting key features and changes in the game.