Star Citizen 3.21.1 is HUGE

Star Citizen 3.21.1 PTU patch has been released with numerous bugs and crashes, but also introduces exciting features like ship trespassing, Mission Data Heist, and improved AI behavior. The patch also includes updates to tractor beams, bug fixes, and sets the stage for future updates and expansions.

Star Citizen 3.21.1 PTU patch has been released and it is causing a lot of issues. The patch notes reveal that there are numerous crashes and bugs, such as low-quality models and disruptive audio. Despite the problems, there are some exciting features to test, including ship trespassing, the new Mission Data Heist, and the new player experience in New Babbage. Additionally, there are updates to vehicle tractor beams, allowing towing of disabled ships. However, the patch is still on PU servers, so some features may not work as intended.

One major addition is the inclusion of ship trespassing, where players without permission will receive a warning when entering another player’s ship. The Mission Data Heist and the new ship, Argos SRV, are also introduced. The FPS AI Behavior integration from Squadron 42 has been added, improving the overall difficulty, reaction times, and animations, making combat more challenging and rewarding. Tractor beams have been updated to include pilot and remote turret control, allowing ships like the 315p and vulture to have pilot-controlled tractor beams.

The C1 Spirit is the most suitable ship for testing tractor beams, while other ships may experience issues. Certain ships, such as the Argos SRV, have the ability to use towing tractor beams to grab and pull disabled ships through space. However, there are still complexities and edge cases to be resolved, such as what happens when shields come back up after being disabled during towing. The update also includes a larger standalone FPS tractor beam tool and balance adjustments to all tractor beams.

Other notable changes include the reactivation of the Siege of Orison global event, improvements to underground ledge cover navigation, and enhancements to vehicle headlights. Bug fixes have also been implemented, such as addressing the issue of immediate wear-off for medical states. Despite the problems and ongoing development, the patch introduces exciting features that set the stage for future updates and expansions.