Star Citizen New Mirai Fury Revealed - SPOILER WARNING

Star Citizen has revealed a new ship manufacturer, Mirai, and their first ship, the Fury, which is available for Fleet Week. Mirai combines Xi’an and alien technology with human tech to create their performance-focused brand. The Fury is a combat snub fighter which is small enough to fit in most ships, and comes with four Hollow-mounted size two laser repeaters and the optional MX version swaps out guns for 20 Halo-mounted missiles. The team is also adding fifteen new settlements and points of interest for Star Citizen Alpha 3.20, ranging from abandoned scrap villages and derelict settlements, to fortified military lookouts and Ewok villages. With new assets building up over the years, they can add more and more settlements quickly, telling the stories of those who lived and worked there. 3.20 is expected in late September–mid October, with each settlement and point of interest having their own unique stories and features.