Star Citizen NEW MISC MIRAI FURY First Look

Mac welcomes viewers to take a closer look at the newly announced Misc Fury snub fighters, which are set to be released in Alpha 319 and be showcased at Invictus. These ships are incredibly small, being five and a half meters in width, seven meters in length, and three meters in height. They boast impressive performances, including a top speed of 220 meters a second, high agility with a max pitch and roll of 50 degrees a second, and 215 degrees per second respectively, with the Fury MX deviating from the Fury’s weapon system in exchange for a stronger missile system.

Weaponry on the Fury MX consists of eight size 2 cf-227 Badger repeaters and eight size 1 ignite two missiles, while the Fury has four size 3 cf-227 Badger repeaters and four side two ignite two missiles. Other minor components include a size 1 cloak shield, size 1 roughneck power plant, and two size 1 hydrocell coolers. These ships will likely be used to harass the enemy and their manoeuvrability and size gives their pilots advantages over larger ships

Despite its advantages, these ships may also have a few disadvantages, such as its inability to sustain much damage, and the stress of maintaining too much momentum. However, their real strength lies in their size, making them difficult to hit, and their ability to be transported in large fleets with a Caterpillar, which can cram about 18 Fury fighters in it. Ultimately, the Fury and Fury MX should provide pilots with a unique and innovative experience in the verse, pending the acknowledgement of leaked stats by CIG.