SaltEMike Reacts to Roadmap Roundup February 7, 2024

SaltEMike reacted to the Roadmap Roundup for February 7, 2024, highlighting updates such as the delayed replication layer update and the addition of Grab-L racing mode and new maps in patch 3.22. He expressed excitement for upcoming features like the Starmap Rework and reputation hostility, while acknowledging the need for further improvements to tie everything together for a cohesive gameplay experience.

The Roadmap Roundup for February 7, 2024, was discussed by SaltEMike in a video reaction. One of the major updates mentioned was the replication layer update, which was originally planned for patch 3.22 but has been moved to patch 3.23 due to ongoing testing and optimization. The testing for this update is crucial for the persistent universe’s database. There is currently a replication layer test underway, and players are encouraged to keep an eye on Spectrum and the tech preview channel for updates.

In patch 3.22, players can expect the addition of the Grab-L racing mode and five new maps for it. The maps include Snake Pit, Cleo Islands, River’s Edge, and Shifting Sands. Patch 3.23 will bring significant updates, such as the Starmap Rework, Mobiglass Rework, FPS map system, personal and instance hangars, and the introduction of item bank and unique item recovery. However, there is concern about the item recovery system allowing for potential duplication of rare items, and SaltEMike hopes that it is a temporary solution.

Other updates mentioned in the roadmap include freight elevators, cargo hauling missions, dynamic crosshair combat helmets, new character customizer, visor lens hood rework, distribution centers, dynamic event blockade runner, reputation hostility, player interaction experience, and master modes. SaltEMike expressed surprise at the addition of cargo hauling missions in patch 3.23 and excitement for the reputation hostility feature, which will introduce AI that responds based on a player’s reputation with an organization.

Overall, SaltEMike is looking forward to the upcoming patches and believes that having fewer but more feature-rich updates is preferable. He acknowledges that these updates may not fully tie together into a cohesive experience yet, but he is excited about the progress being made and the potential for future improvements. SaltEMike also mentions the importance of the economy and complete reworks of various elements for a more comprehensive and enjoyable gameplay experience.