SaltEMike Reacts to Roadmap Roundup February 7, 2024

The Roadmap Roundup for February 7, 2024 revealed updates and changes for upcoming patches in the game. Patch 3.23, tentatively scheduled for April 2024, will bring significant updates including a starmap and mobiGlas system rework, new maps for the Grab L racing mode, freight elevators, cargo hauling missions, and more.

In the Roadmap Roundup for February 7, 2024, there were several updates and changes mentioned. The replication layer update, which was initially planned for patch 3.22, has been moved to patch 3.23 due to ongoing testing and optimization. There is a current replication layer test happening, and players are encouraged to stay updated through Spectrum and the tech preview channel. Patch 3.22 will include new maps for the Grab L racing mode.

Patch 3.23, on the other hand, will bring significant updates such as a rework of the starmap and the mobiGlas system. The FPS map system, personal and instance hangars, and item bank kiosks for storing and retrieving FPS items will also be added. However, there is concern about the account-bound items and the potential for duplication, as well as the overall handling of cosmetics in the game.

Other notable additions in patch 3.23 include freight elevators, cargo hauling missions, dynamic crosshairs on combat helmets, a new character customizer, and the introduction of reputation hostility. The dynamic event called Blockade Runner, where players must run a blockade and trade quantanium, was also mentioned. The roadmap update concludes with the announcement of master modes, which will be iterated upon throughout the development process.

Overall, players are looking forward to the upcoming patches, particularly patch 3.23, which is tentatively targeted for release in April 2024. While some players may be concerned about the longer wait between patches, many are supportive of delivering a more substantial and enjoyable update rather than smaller, less exciting ones. The roadmap also highlights the importance of reputation in tying together various gameplay elements, although there is still a need for further improvements in areas such as the economy and complete reworks of weapons, armor, and ships.