Aegis day iae 2023 | star citizen

“Astro, Algared and Execute advance into Aegis day and tell you their thoughts on all things Aegis!”

In this video, the hosts discuss various ships from the game Star Citizen, focusing on the Aegis Day IAE 2023 event. They start by discussing the affordability and versatility of the Avengers stalker, which is a popular choice for beginner players interested in bounty hunting. They also mention the differences between the stalker and the Titan, the latter being a great choice for those interested in bounty hunting without spending a lot of money. They then move on to talk about the Warlock, a ship with a large EMP generator, making it a good option for those interested in electronic warfare.

Next, they discuss the Eclipse, a stealth bomber that can be a powerful asset in combat with its ability to drop mines and act as a mine sweeper. They also note that it has living quarters, but the cargo bay is sacrificed for the EMP generator. Moving on, they discuss the Redeemer, a multi-crew gunship that is designed for raiding and combat. It has the potential for modularity, but the specifics are uncertain. The hosts mention that it requires a large crew to operate and emphasize the importance of having friends to fully enjoy the ship.

They then discuss the Vanguard series, which consists of four long-range fighter ships. While the Sentinel variant is noted as having some value due to its electronic warfare capabilities, the hosts believe that overall, these ships are not in the best position compared to other ships currently available in the game. Next, they mention the Vulcan, a small ship designed for repair and support purposes, especially for small ships and vehicles. They acknowledge that The Crucible is a more comprehensive repair ship option but note that the Vulcan can still be useful for those interested in logistics and support roles.

In conclusion, the video provides an overview of several ships in Star Citizen and their respective strengths and weaknesses. It highlights the importance of choosing ships based on individual preferences and playstyles, as well as the significance of working with a crew and having friends in multiplayer gameplay.