Crusader & tumbril day iae 2023 | star citizen

The hosts discuss Crusader and Tumbril Day in Star Citizen, covering various ships and vehicles such as the A1 Spirit, A2, Aries, E1 Spirit, Cyclones, Nova, Ranger bikes, and the Tumbril Storm. They share their opinions on the designs, prices, gameplay potential, and in-game counterparts of these vehicles.

In this video, the hosts discuss the recent updates in Star Citizen, specifically focusing on the Crusader and Tumbril day in 2023. They start by addressing a recording that was sent to them, where one of the hosts expresses their love for the Redeemer ship. They joke about the cloning of voices and AI technology. Moving on to the Crusader ships, they discuss the A1 Spirit and C1 Spirit. They praise the design and competitiveness of the ships in their respective price points, but express concerns about the high price tags compared to in-game prices. They also mention the A2 and its exorbitant price, not justifying its value.

Next, they discuss the Aries, a fighter designed for capital ship combat. They find it to be a niche fighter and believe it’s not worth the high price. They agree that the Cyclones, ground vehicles in the game, are cool but overpriced compared to their in-game counterparts. They also touch on the Nova, a heavy tank, finding it to be interesting but currently lacking purpose in the game. They then discuss the ranger, a series of bikes in the game, appreciating the cool factor but recognizing that they are not a value proposition.

The hosts then move on to the Storm, a tank-like vehicle, and express mixed opinions about its design. They find some aspects of its design cool, but discuss gameplay concerns such as entering and exiting from the front and exposed components in vulnerable areas. They share their thoughts on the Storm AA variant, which they find more useful due to its role as a second-line vehicle with missile capabilities.

Lastly, they briefly mention the Warbond upgrade and various skins available for the Crusader and Tumbril ships. They highlight the blue skin for the Spirit series and the banana yellow skin for the A1 Spirit.