Zero To Hero HARDCORE - No Ship Start | Part 6

In this episode of Zero to Hero, Ryan, also known as Harry Rath, continues his hardcore challenge of starting with no ship. He has earned enough credits to rent a Drake Dragonfly, a step up from the Cyclone he was using previously. The Dragonfly is a hover vehicle that allows him to navigate over terrain, making it faster and more versatile than the Cyclone. He plans to use the Dragonfly to explore the enemy NPC settlement near the ruins close to Levski.

While driving to the ruins, Ryan encounters another player who is engaged in a battle with an enemy Cutlass ship. He spectates the fight but remains cautious as he fears the Cutlass might spot and attack his Dragonfly. Eventually, the player successfully takes out the Cutlass, which is a fortunate turn of events for Ryan. Upon arriving at the ruins, he notices enemies in the area and decides to be cautious as well. Suddenly, another ship appears and engages with the enemies. Ryan cautiously approaches the ship and discovers that the players are friendly and have actually helped him by taking out the enemies.

Overall, in this episode, Ryan upgrades to a Drake Dragonfly, a faster and more versatile hover vehicle than the Cyclone. He encounters other players engaging in battles and ultimately finds friendly players who assist him in clearing the enemies near the ruins.