Your 100% Invictus Day 5 Guide - Celebrate Anvil

On May 23rd and 24th, the third event of the Convention Center on Area 18 is taking place. It is an in-game convention which allows players to test various ships from the day’s manufacturer. A variety of Anvil ships are available to test and purchase, including the Arrow, Ballista, C8X and C8R Pisces, and Carrick, which come with at least 10 years insurance.

Also available is the Fury, which comes with Lifetime Insurance, and the Hawk, a light fighter with a trunk and EMP. There is also the Gladiator, a medium torpedo bomber; the Terrapin, a heavily armoured turtle ship; and the Valkyrie, a dropship perfect for full crew expeditions. Consumers have the option to purchase game packages with 10-year Insurance, or to CCU ships with Lifetime Insurance.

Those who are unfamiliar with terms such as war bonds, CCU, and LTI can visit the New Citizen’s Discord channel for assistance. The next ship sale will take place on May 25th, featuring the RSI Constellation Phoenix. Fly safe, and citizens are always willing to help one another.