You Need To Be Drunk To Enjoy Star Citizen

“I found a fun new way to do Bunkers in Star Citizen!”

The video humorously demonstrates the player’s decision to make Star Citizen more challenging by getting their character blackout drunk and engaging in combat with NPCs. The player illustrates how consuming a significant number of beers causes the character to act erratically, stumble, and take longer completing tasks. The player then proceeds to tackle various missions while navigating the game in their character’s drunken state.

The player initially starts at a bar, drinking around 12 beers to get the character’s drunken level up to approximately 80 to 90 percent. This causes the character to behave ‘like an idiot’, including stumbling around and swaying, making it challenging to accomplish simple tasks like picking up objects. The drunken state also makes walking straight or even forward an immense challenge, requiring much longer to cover the same ground.

The player navigates through bunkers and fights against NPCs. Navigating through the bunker entrances becomes a mission itself due to the drunken state of the character. There is a struggle to adjust positions and aim accurately at their enemies because of the character’s clumsiness and swaying. Despite these challenges, the player manages to kill several NPCs, even while fumbling around and practically falling over.

The player continues in their drunken quest throughout various locations within the game, facing more NPCs and exploring different areas. It was noted that it becomes risky when an enemy follows the character since turning around and repositioning is a messy challenge due to the drunken state. The player slowly but successfully eliminates the enemies they encounter while struggling to walk straight and take cover.

In conclusion, the player finds this self-imposed challenge fun and engaging. They suggest the idea of attempting other missions within the game in a similar drunken state, such as ‘Grim HEX’ or ‘The Boarding Action in Progress mission in the Stanton System.’ They express gratitude to their Patreon supporters and ask for further suggestions in the comments for future drunken adventures in the game.