You Are Mining WRONG in Star Citizen...

In a video, Salty Mike challenges the belief that mining in Star Citizen is dead following recent changes to the game. He explains that while the update has made mining more complex, with the introduction of new minerals and changes to mechanics, it still offers an interesting and rewarding gameplay experience.

The speaker, Salty Mike, discusses the recent changes to mining in Star Citizen and the mixed reactions from the player community. He notes that many players believe mining is dead and that the Prospector ship has been nerfed, but he disagrees. He explains that the update brought significant changes to how minerals are distributed, their value, and the mining mechanics.

Prior to the update, mining focused mainly on quantanium, a valuable mineral that was easily found. However, this made the gameplay monotonous and unchallenging. The update aimed to rebalance mining by introducing new minerals and making the process more complex. The speaker acknowledges that players have struggled with the depth and complexity of the new system, but argues that mining is still very much alive and well.

One major change in the update was the increase in the sale price of refined minerals. The speaker goes on to discuss the various categories of minerals, such as rare, uncommon, and common, highlighting the special characteristics of the latter. Common minerals are now present in every rock, unlike before when only quantanium was found. Additionally, the speaker mentions a bug related to a mining instability issue that has made mining difficult to comprehend, but this is expected to be resolved in the next update.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding cluster value, which determines how minerals bunch up within a rock. He recommends focusing on common minerals and selecting planets with good cluster values. He also advises avoiding low-value minerals like tungsten, copper, and iron, as they add mass to rocks and decrease profits. Ultimately, the speaker believes that although mining has become more complex, it is still an interesting and rewarding gameplay mechanic.

In conclusion, Salty Mike counters the notion that mining in Star Citizen is dead, stating that it has become more exciting and thought-provoking. He encourages players to adapt to the changes and wishes them luck in their mining endeavors.