Will the New Ships have Ship Interiors? // Elite Dangerous

“The potential value of ship interiors in Elite Dangerous is a hotly debated topic among players and developers alike. Now with the prospect of 4 new ship variants in Elite Dangerous in 2024, the discussion is whether they will have SHIP INTERIORS. It’s important to consider both the positive and negative aspects before diving into a lengthy discussion.”

In this video, Ricardo discusses the possibility of ship interiors being added to Elite Dangerous. There are two camps of players, one advocating for ship interiors and the other for base building. Ricardo falls into the base building camp but decides to explore the potential value of ship interiors for the new ships being introduced in 2018.

He raises several questions and considerations regarding ship interiors. If these new ships have ship interiors, what about the other 30+ ships in the game? Will they also have ship interiors? The potential benefits of ship interiors include increased immersion, the ability to physically walk around the ship, customization options, and new gameplay opportunities such as piracy and salvage.

Ship interiors could also contribute to lore expansion by visually showcasing different factions and allowing for greater character personalization. However, there are potential challenges to consider, such as technical feasibility, integration with existing gameplay, and the risk of players becoming too focused on what’s happening inside the ship and neglecting external factors like combat and exploration.

Overall, Ricardo believes that ship interiors hold immense potential for immersion, lore, gameplay, and character development. However, careful consideration of technical feasibility and gameplay integration is necessary to ensure that ship interiors enhance the overall experience without detracting from the core elements of the game. Ricardo invites viewers to share their thoughts and opinions on ship interiors and whether they believe gameplay will truly benefit from their addition.