Why you should ALWAYS Take the HIGH GROUND in Starfield #starfield

In a video about Starfield, the speaker stresses the significance of taking the high ground in combat encounters. They highlight examples of battles against bugs, terramorphs, and Sirens where positioning on elevated terrain provides a strategic advantage, allowing them to defeat enemies more easily.

In this video, the speaker shares their enjoyment of playing Star Citizen, a game where they explore planets and encounter various creatures. They emphasize the importance of taking the high ground strategy in combat encounters, drawing a parallel to Obi-Wan in Star Wars. They demonstrate this by showing footage of battles against bugs, a terrifying beast called a teramorph, and a boss named Unit 99. By positioning themselves on elevated terrain, they are able to evade attacks and gain an advantage over their enemies.

The speaker highlights the effectiveness of taking the high ground against bugs, as they become confused and unable to attack when the speaker positions themselves on a rock. The bugs eventually figure out how to reach the speaker, but by then they are weakened and easily defeated. Similarly, the strategy works against the teramorph, a powerful adversary. By jumping on containers and rocky outposts, the speaker maintains a position of safety while attacking the creature from above.

The next examples showcased are battles against beasts called Sirens. Again, the speaker demonstrates the value of the high ground technique. They explain that these creatures were used in a war between the United Colonies and the freelance Collective. By utilizing their weapons and the aid of their companion, they successfully eliminate the Sirens from higher positions. The speaker also mentions the use of powers and boosts to overcome enemies in areas with low gravity.

Finally, the speaker concludes by summarizing the benefits of the high ground strategy, highlighting the simplicity of taking down enemies from an elevated vantage point. They express their appreciation for a particular pistol they have been using throughout the game and suggest that they may make a video discussing its advantages. The video concludes with the speaker encouraging viewers to leave comments if they want more content related to taking down tough enemies in Star Citizen.

Overall, the video emphasizes the importance of taking the high ground in combat encounters in Star Citizen. By positioning oneself above enemies, the speaker demonstrates how this strategy provides a tactical advantage and allows for more successful outcomes in battles against various creatures and bosses.