Why Not Make More Ship Reviews? | Star Citizen 4K

“Many of you come to watch Star Citizen ship reviews, with understandably many requests for some of your favourite ships to feature in those reviews. Whilst every effort is made to continue to share new review videos often, sadly, it’s not p”

The creator acknowledges that many viewers come to their channel specifically for ship reviews in Star Citizen. However, they clarify that certain factors limit the number of reviews they can produce for the game.

The first limitation is that the reviewed ship needs to be available in the game and its performance needs to be accurately reflected as it stands. They prefer to focus on the current state of the ships rather than speculating on potential improvements in the future.

Additionally, the ship needs to be purchasable in-game with Alpha UEC currency. The creator explains that, although they appreciate offers from the community to use their ships for reviews, it is not sufficient to borrow a ship due to the level of detail and experience needed to create a thorough review.

The next section outlines the process of creating a ship review, which involves flying the ship for a couple of weeks to make detailed notes on its strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance. These notes form the core of the review.

After gathering the necessary information, a draft script is written for the review video. The video is mostly scripted to ensure consistency and accuracy, although some portions, such as the ship tour, are done as a live voiceover. The scripted voiceover is then transcribed to provide accurate subtitles. Once the voiceover is recorded, it is edited and combined with captured in-game footage. The final product is then uploaded to YouTube.

The creator acknowledges that the process takes time but assures viewers that they are dedicated to producing high-quality, well-informed reviews. They also express their interest in making more ship reviews and their enjoyment of flying different ships in the game. However, due to their busy work and personal life, as well as other video commitments, they are unable to produce ship reviews more frequently.