Why I LOVE Star Citizen

Star Citizen is an ambitious game made by Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), which melds on-foot and spacecraft gameplay into one immersive experience. This video will talk about five things that the speaker loves about Star Citizen.

The first thing the speaker loves is the graphics. Star Citizen boasts some of the most beautiful visuals of any game on the market. With every update, CIG adds more stunning vistas for players to explore and enjoy.

The second point is the connection between the two gameplay regions. Moving goods between the ship and the planet, using the tractor beam, for instance, gives players an immersion that goes beyond the usual fare.

Thirdly, the speaker praises CIG’s dedication to communication. Instead of hiding their development process from the community, CIG’s willingness to showcase the work they are doing is something to be admired.

Fourthly, the speaker loves the different biomes of the planets. Not only are they visually varied, but there are many aspects to explore across different times of day and weather conditions.

Lastly, the speaker admires CIG pushing the boundaries of what a computer game can deliver. As ambitious as this is, it may explain why Star Citizen is still in an alpha state, way beyond the intended release date.

SaltEMike Reacts to Why I Love/Hate Star Citizen | Down to Earth Astronomy