Why I HATE Star Citizen

Star Citizen is an incredibly ambitious space game by Cloud Imperium Games, and is popular among its players. Despite all of the great features that the game has to offer, there are some things that can make playing the game less enjoyable. In this post, the author talks us through the five things that they’re not so fond of in regards to Star Citizen.

One of the biggest issues with the game is the wipes and instability, which can hamper the experience. The NPCs in the game can sometimes be broken and can often negatively impact the performance of the game. Also, CIG can be quite time optimistic in regards to the release date and updates for the game, which can be a hindrance. Quantum travel in the game is restricted, with players having to jump between beacons, instead of the free movement system used in Elite. Finally, the author has an issue with the way the game is financed, certain ships being priced too highly and giving a “greedy vibe”.

Overall, Star Citizen has a number of issues that the author dislikes, but they still recommend the game and understand that some of the issues must be present for the game to work in its intended fashion. If you are struggling for a gift, the author has kindly provided a link for a lucky stars star map with ten percent off.