Why do you play Elite Dangerous

Creators continue to play Elite Dangerous due to various reasons, including the sense of progression, connection to the original games, open-world nature, and community interaction. The unique gameplay, freedom, and exploration of space, along with the support of the community, contribute to their continued engagement and content creation.

The video transcription features various creators explaining why they continue to play Elite Dangerous. Each creator provides their own unique perspective on what keeps them engaged with the game. For some, it was the initial hook they experienced when first playing, such as the sense of progression and upgrading their ship. Others have a deep connection to the original Elite games and appreciate how Elite Dangerous expands upon the concept. The open-world nature of the game and the ability to engage in various activities, from combat to exploration to trading, is a major draw for many players.

The community aspect is consistently highlighted as a significant factor in their continued enjoyment of the game. Creators appreciate interacting with fellow players and sharing their experiences through content creation. The sense of camaraderie and the opportunity to make a name for themselves in the game are aspects that keep them coming back.

The uniqueness of the gameplay and the freedom it provides are emphasized by several creators. The flight model and the PvP scene in particular are lauded as exceptional. The sandbox nature of Elite Dangerous allows players to stretch their imaginations and find endless possibilities within the game, leading to numerous “aha moments” of discovery.

Space itself is repeatedly praised as a major attraction. The beauty and vastness of the virtual galaxy captivate players, allowing them to fulfill their fascination with space exploration and the freedom it offers. Additionally, the ability to escape from real-world concerns and immerse oneself in a virtual world is appreciated.

Above all, the creators express gratitude towards the community. They recognize that their experiences in Elite Dangerous are greatly enhanced by the network of players and the connections they have built. The supportive and sharing nature of the community strengthens their enjoyment of the game, and they are motivated to continue creating content and engaging with fellow players.