Where / How to Buy Ship With IN GAME Money in Star Citizen

This video offers a detailed guide on how to purchase ships with in-game currency in Star Citizen. It provides instructions on checking availability, locating ship dealerships and rental terminals in various locations, such as New Babbage and Loreville.

This video provides a step-by-step guide on how to buy a ship with in-game money in Star Citizen. The first step is to determine if the ship you want is available for purchase in-game. Not all ships can be bought in-game, so it’s important to check if it’s flyable and if it will be available for purchase later. The video suggests visiting a website called “biggie with a little pledged ship” to see the ships available for purchase with real money, which will also be available in-game.

Once you’ve identified the ship you want, you need to find out where it is available for purchase in-game. In this example, the Origin Jumpworks 85X can be bought for just over half a million Alpha UEC at the dealership yard in Lorville. It can also be rented for a day in New Babbage for over 40,000 Alpha UEC. The video then provides specific instructions on where to find the ship dealerships and rental terminals in various locations such as New Babbage, Orison, Area 18, and Loreville.

In New Babbage, there is no shipyard, but you can rent ships at the gift store counter. In Orison, you can rent ships at the branding terminals if you’re coming up from the train station. If you want to buy ships at Autozone (Crusader ships), you head to the Cloud View Platform. In Area 18, you can rent ships at a kiosk in the Spaceport Plaza, and to buy ships, you need to go to the main part of the city following the ship icons.

Lastly, the video mentions the New Deal Shipyard in Loreville. The entrance to the shipyard is right next to the Aesop terminals, and there is a big glass showroom where you can find the ship-buying terminal. Additionally, if you’re interested in renting ships in Loreville, there is a shop on the right-hand side before the elevators.

Overall, the video provides a comprehensive guide on how to buy ships with in-game money in Star Citizen, including where to find the ships and rental terminals in different locations.