What's it like to Explore in Starfield?

The speaker discusses the experience of exploring in Starfield, acknowledging some technical flaws but highlighting the positive aspects of planet exploration, unexpected encounters, and immersive gameplay. They encourage players to overlook the game’s criticisms and focus on the enjoyable exploration experiences it offers.

The speaker starts by mentioning that exploring in Starfield involves encountering many load screens, but if players can overlook this and other criticisms, they can have an amazing game experience. The game offers the opportunity to explore planets, do surveys, and visit different systems, which leads to unexpected encounters and epic battles. The speaker highlights that one of the best aspects of the game is the ability to pick any point on a planet and find life there, creating a sense of immersion. They also mention a particular mission involving surveying a planet and helping some homesteaders, which they found to be a great experience.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of exploration in Starfield and encourages players to break away from story missions and enjoy the game’s intended content. They express their love for space simulators and suggest visiting the Schrödinger system, specifically Schrödinger three, where a ship called the Cander sets a different, eerie tone. Exploring the ship reveals a narrative involving a native species killing the crew, and players must investigate the cause. The speaker believes that the exploration aspect of Starfield is unparalleled and something that other games could strive for.

They urge viewers to share their exploration experiences in the game and not focus on the glitches or issues encountered. They stress the importance of enjoying the experiences that Starfield offers, overlooking technical flaws and finding ways to enhance gameplay through mods. The speaker concludes by expressing their hope that players are enjoying the game and encourages them to slow down, appreciate what is available, and suggest any desired content for future videos.

Overall, the speaker emphasizes the positive aspects of exploring in Starfield, highlighting the freedom to visit different planets and systems, encounter life and unexpected missions, and experience a unique tone in certain locations. They urge players to look past technical issues and focus on the enjoyable experiences the game provides.