What you should actually expect from Starfield

In this video, the speaker discusses what to expect from Starfield, highlighting its similarities to previous Bethesda games in terms of open-world exploration, character customization, combat, decision-making, and faction systems. They express a healthy skepticism about bugs and graphics but anticipate improved gameplay mechanics, including upgraded gunplay, mobility options, and the inclusion of factions, as well as a greater sense of scale and exploration with the ability to venture into different planets.

In this video, the speaker discusses what to expect from the highly anticipated game Starfield, Bethesda’s first new IP in 25 years. The speaker argues that Starfield will have more in common with Morrowind, an older Bethesda game, than with other non-Bethesda games. They emphasize that Bethesda has maintained a consistent formula in their open-world games, which includes creating a character, exploring a vast world, interacting with NPCs, engaging in combat, and making decisions that shape the player’s path. The speaker expects Starfield to be a special game because it will incorporate these elements that have made Bethesda games beloved by fans.

While acknowledging that Fallout 76 was a disappointment for many, the speaker sees it as a side project where Bethesda tried something different. They express a healthy skepticism about Bethesda’s ability to deliver, but they also argue that bugs are an expected part of the Bethesda experience and are willing to overlook them if they enjoy the game overall. The speaker also points out that graphics in Bethesda games have not always been cutting-edge, and Starfield will likely have a similar level of visual quality as recent Bethesda games.

Regarding gameplay, the speaker expects an upgraded version of the gunplay seen in Fallout 4, with improved combat and more mobility options due to the inclusion of a jump pack. They emphasize the importance of player agency and role-playing in Bethesda games, and they anticipate that Starfield will offer a wide variety of options for character customization and gameplay styles. The speaker also mentions the inclusion of factions, which have been a staple in Bethesda games, and expects the depth and reactivity of these factions to be similar to or greater than what was seen in Skyrim and Fallout 4.

Lastly, the speaker argues that exploration will be a significant aspect of Starfield, with a larger sense of scale due to the ability to explore different planets. They anticipate a mix of populated and barren landscapes, and they emphasize the need for players to have patience and immerse themselves in the world. Crafting and building mechanics, a highlight of recent Bethesda games, are also expected to be present in Starfield, with the potential for expanded options and creative possibilities. The speaker concludes by expressing their excitement for Starfield and their belief that fans of Bethesda games will enjoy the experience.