What Will Players Even Explore in Star Citizen?

“A quick excerpt from a recent stream in which we got into a conversation about exploration in Star Citizen and what the point would be.”

In Star Citizen, the concept of exploration revolves around finding things of value. This includes minerals, derelict ships, and data. These valuable items are what explorers search for in order to make money and provide resources to other NPCs, factions, and players. The game mechanics currently allow for the detection of minable rocks by the Prospector ship, which can be broken up using a mining laser. This unique gameplay enables explorers to locate and gather valuable resources.

Exploration missions in Star Citizen can involve tasks such as surveying a specific area on a moon to find minable deposits, searching for a valuable derelict ship in an asteroid belt, or participating in deep space probing to identify and analyze signatures. These missions require players to utilize their exploration skills to find and retrieve valuable items, contributing to the game’s economy and the overall gameplay experience. While there is likely more complexity to exploration gameplay, these basic missions highlight the core aspects of what players will engage in during exploration in Star Citizen.

Overall, exploration in Star Citizen involves the pursuit of valuable resources, navigating through various environments, and completing missions that require investigative skills. Whether it’s scanning for mining deposits, searching for derelict ships, or conducting deep space probes, exploration provides players with opportunities to discover and acquire items that hold value within the game world.