What Was CitizenCon Missing, Opinions, & More (Ft. LevelCapGaming)

"I sit down with @levelcap@LevelCapGaming to answer some questions from the community after our recent podcast.

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In this video transcription, the hosts discuss their experiences covering CitizenCon, a gaming event, and share their frustrations. One host mentions that they didn’t have any regrets about not attending as they have been to many game conventions and the allure has worn off. They prefer smaller events where they can chat with developers and discuss game design ideas. They were frustrated with the lack of detail in some of the long panels, particularly on topics like control surfaces, scanning, and cargo. They also felt that important gameplay-related features like server blade tech were not mentioned.

Regarding the content shown at CitizenCon, one host expresses that their hype for the game has never been higher. They are excited that they can now play Star Citizen and have fun with friends, and the new content shown at the event makes them believe that next year will be even more enjoyable. They also note that while many famous actors were mentioned during the presentation, such as Henry Cavill, they didn’t actually show him in the content.

The hosts discuss the potential impact of on-foot scanning on PvP and the Persistent Universe (PU). One host believes that on-foot scanning has the potential to be overpowered and can take away the fun of peeking around corners to see if an opponent is present. They mention the need for limitations, such as a battery system or a pinging system, to balance the scanning mechanic.

When asked about their favorite upcoming ship, one host mentions the Banu Merchantman for its massive and cool design. They also express excitement for the Idris and Javelin, although they have already been shown extensively. Additionally, the host highlights their preference for alien ships and the unique designs they offer. They mention the Xanra Raylen as a ship they are looking forward to and express a desire to see more varied alien ships in the game.

Finally, the hosts briefly touch on the topic of bounty hunting V2 and whether it will be shallow and clunky or something to be excited about. They mention that no new information was provided at CitizenCon, but they did see a new feature involving handcuffs. They express some concerns about potential ship redesigns to accommodate the new bounty hunting mechanics but overall express excitement for the evolution of bounty hunting missions and the potential for more immersive gameplay experiences.

Overall, the hosts had mixed feelings about their coverage of CitizenCon, but they expressed high levels of anticipation and excitement for the game. They discuss the need for more details on important features and gameplay mechanics and express their preferences for smaller events and unique ship designs.