What to expect from Alien Week?

Alien Week is an annual celebration in the Star Citizen community that coincides with First Contact Day, commemorating Humanity’s initial interaction with the Banu alien race. During Alien Week, the community engages in various activities such as buying alien spaceships and participating in events like the International Bar Citizen Weekend. One of the highlights of Alien Week is the Banu Solo Close Encounters Community contest, where participants are encouraged to recreate alien close encounters through screenshot submissions. The event also features programming related to the Santok’yai ship and non-human ships, alongside opportunities to purchase new paints for ships.

Although there are no new ship releases during Alien Week, highlights include the introduction of new paints for ships. Notable among them are the Karthu-al Ocelot and the Cartwheel Harmony paints, which received positive reception for their unique and visually appealing designs. Despite the absence of major announcements or releases, the community’s focus during Alien Week is on enjoying the game and creating a rich gaming experience. Overall, while Alien Week may not reach the same level of excitement as previous years, it still provides opportunities for players to engage with the Star Citizen universe and its alien races.