What is there to do in Star Citizen? | Star Citizen 4K

"You don’t have to look too hard to find comments about Star Citizen being incomplete, with no shortage of news covering things that aren’t yet in the game. But, many of these criticisms sidestep the fact that even in this incomplete state, "

In this video, the presenter discusses the current state of Star Citizen and highlights the various activities available in the game. They acknowledge that while Star Citizen is still missing some features, there is already a lot to do. Ship combat is a major gameplay aspect, ranging from simple engagements against bots to intense PvP battles. Players can also engage in first-person combat, using a variety of weapons to clear out targets, either on the ground or in zero gravity. Additionally, players can participate in salvage operations to strip and sell parts of damaged ships, as well as engage in mining for valuable resources.

There are also different ways to participate in cargo gameplay, such as taking on delivery missions or engaging in piracy. Force or the threat of force can be used to coerce players into handing over their cargo. However, actions have consequences, and breaking in-game laws can result in players serving time in the in-game prison system. For speed enthusiasts, racing options are available, including dedicated racing ships and cart-style buggy racing. Other activities include refueling stranded pilots, offering transportation as a space taxi service, or simply exploring the Stanton system, which offers a variety of interesting destinations such as planets, moons, and space stations.

In summary, while Star Citizen may still have unfinished aspects, players can already enjoy a range of activities. From engaging in ship combat and first-person combat to salvaging and mining resources, and from participating in cargo gameplay and piracy to racing and exploration, there is much to do in the game.

The video titled “What is there to do in Star Citizen?” by Ferrister explores the various activities available in the game. While many criticize Star Citizen for being incomplete, the video highlights the existing gameplay elements. These include ship combat, both in piloting and manning turrets, as well as first-person combat, which can take place in both regular gravity and zero gravity environments. Players can also engage in medical gameplay, salvaging wrecked ships for parts, mining asteroids, and transporting cargo. The video also mentions the ability to engage in piracy, racing, refueling, operating as a space taxi, and exploring the vast and visually stunning Stanton system. Despite acknowledging the game’s incomplete state, the video aims to demonstrate that there is already a considerable amount to do in Star Citizen.

However, there are criticisms regarding the functionality and consistency of these activities, as the video downplays issues such as broken refueling mechanics and inconsistent experiences. This may create a somewhat misleading impression of the game’s current state, as some gameplay elements might not work reliably or may lack a compelling game loop. While the video provides a list of features in Star Citizen, it fails to address the underlying question of whether these activities are engaging and if there are sufficient reasons for players to participate in them for extended periods of time.