What is Starfield Exploration Gameplay? Surveying, Researching, Crafting

Starfield Exploration Gameplay involves surveying planets from orbit, researching and crafting at various outposts, and engaging in combat missions. Players can discover resources and anomalies, improve skills through crafting, and make impactful choices that align with their principles, all while immersing themselves in the excitement of space exploration.

Space Tomato is excited to finally play Starfield and shares their thoughts about the gameplay. They mention that while exploration in space is not exactly what they expected, there are still many things to do on the planets. They discuss surveying, researching, and crafting as key elements of the exploration gameplay.

The creator starts by showing the star map in Starfield, explaining that players can survey planets from orbit before landing on the surface. They discuss the different levels of surveying and the resources and anomalies that can be discovered. They also mention the importance of fully surveying the star system they are currently exploring.

Space Tomato demonstrates the gameplay by landing on a planet and visiting a research outpost. They showcase the different facilities available in the outpost, such as the research lab and pharmaceutical lab. They explain how these facilities can be used for crafting and improving skills. They also highlight the tracking system that helps players find specific materials needed for crafting.

The creator embarks on a side mission to rescue soldiers and scientists from a dangerous situation. They engage in combat and showcase some of the weapons and abilities available in the game. They also mention the AI of the enemy characters, noting that they can sometimes act unpredictably.

Space Tomato completes the mission successfully and receives recognition for their efforts. They discuss the importance of sticking to one’s principles and doing the right thing. They advise the player to focus on the good they have done and provide words of wisdom from their military experience. Finally, the speaker expresses their enjoyment of the game and their anticipation for more exploration gameplay.