What Is Star Citizen?

"Are you interested in Star Citizen or are you trying to get a friend into it?
Here’s a short video that helps to explain the scope of the Star Citizen project from how it was initially pitched, to how the game is currently and what we have "

Star Citizen is a highly ambitious space simulation game developed by Chris Roberts, which has been in development for over 10 years. It consists of two main components: the single-player campaign called Squadron 42 and the persistent universe MMO known as Star Citizen. These two games are designed to interact and affect each other based on player actions. Currently, only the developing persistent universe is available, while Squadron 42 is in the final stages of development.

The initial vision of Star Citizen was to create a vast universe where players could engage in a variety of activities, such as combat, exploration, trading, and more. Players have the freedom to choose their own paths and roles within the game, whether it be a military campaign in Squadron 42 or pursuing a career as a merchant or pirate in the persistent universe.

In its current state, Star Citizen is still in alpha, with players able to explore the Stanton star system. This system is expansive, allowing players to seamlessly travel between planets and moons without any loading screens. Missions and contracts can be accepted from various factions, companies, and individuals, allowing players to engage in activities like delivery missions, salvage operations, bounty hunting, and more.

The gameplay in Star Citizen is driven by the pursuit of money, as players can use their earnings to purchase new ships and upgrade them with different components. With over 160 detailed ships and vehicles available, each offering unique gameplay styles, players have plenty of options to choose from. The game also encourages player collaboration, with larger ships requiring a crew to operate effectively.

It’s important to note that, as an early access game, Star Citizen is still undergoing development, leading to occasional bugs and unstable servers. However, this also means that players get to be a part of the game’s development and look forward to new features being added regularly. The future of Star Citizen holds promises of additional star systems, player bases, engineering and resource management, player-owned stores, and more. For those interested in trying out the game, it is currently free to play until November 30th with a selection of different ships available each day.