What does the Javelin tell us about Capital Ships? | Star Citizen 4K

“Prompted by the Javelin tour at Invictus week, this video considers some different elements about capital ships that might be derived from looking at the War Hammer. The video includes some cinematic footage from Star Citizen.

The Warhammer Tour is a fantastic opportunity to see how incredible the Javelin-class Destroyer looks from the inside, as well as gain insight into how Capital Ships may function in the game. On first impression, scale is the prominent takeaway: these large ships will require additional effort to traverse, posing an additional challenge to familiarizing oneself with the layout, while also being more vulnerable to boarding action. The development work involved in building these ships also provides insight into how long it might take for them to be completed.

When it comes to crew and gameplay aboard these big ships, certain roles, including piloting and turret operations, will be recognizable; however, it’s unclear how tasks such as engineering and electronic warfare will be accomplished. This tension between building story environments that make sense logically alongside creating the gameplay that will be derived from those environments is a challenge. The scale of the ship also presents some practicality issues regarding storing and spawning, with “bigger sandbox” opportunities being explored by the Star Citizen team.

Finally, there are several unknowns associated with the Warhammer Tour, with some areas being off limits due to their intended role in the Squadron 42 campaign. NPC crew may also help to alleviate the feeling of emptiness in the PU whilst balancing story and gameplay elements. Whilst much is still uncertain with regards to Capital Ship gameplay in Star Citizen, it offers a refreshing experience to traditional gameplay that is exciting to explore and discover.