What Does Space Tomato Do Throughout The Week? Behind The Scenes

“This month we return to our behind-the-scenes videos showing how Space Tomato publishes content throughout the week. As a family business, this means much of our week revolves around the flow of content across our videos, podcasts, giveaway”

Behind the Scenes with the Tomatoes is a series of videos by the Tomatoes, an online production company. In these videos, viewers get a look into what a week’s worth of work looks like for the Tomatoes.

Recently the Tomatoes released one of these videos publicly, so viewers can see the behind the scenes work of the team. For those who want to see even more of the Tomatoes’ behind the scenes footage, five-dollar-and-up supporters get a monthly sneak peek.

The most recent video includes footage of the team at a chatty and diverse stream, a glimpse of Keenan and Jerry from accounting, and a jokey stroll in the summer air. The video is a fun and honest look at the Tomatoes in their professional environment, while still finding lighthearted moments like protecting from the sun, and the smell of spring. Overall, the video offers a fun insight into the day to day life of the Tomatoes, while still being informative and relevant.