We need more of THESE Combat Situations in Star Citizen

The writer expresses their enjoyment of combat in Star Citizen, both on foot and in vehicles, particularly when it involves spaceships. They appreciate the game’s detailed and immersive combat mechanics, finding it satisfying to overcome opponents in dogfights. However, they note that combat missions often take place in asteroid fields or aboveground locations, shifting the focus away from the enemy ships to the environment itself. This can present a challenge as the environment poses a greater danger.

The writer mentions that the combat beacons, which offer deep space combat missions, are the ones they enjoy the most. These missions solely concentrate on dogfighting skills and allow for a more focused experience. They suggest that if players also prefer this type of combat, they would like to see more deep space combat missions in Star Citizen. In conclusion, the writer encourages others to watch the video and subscribe for more Star Citizen content.