We Are Not Playing "Star Citizen"...

The video discusses the current state of Stanton, the first star system in Star Citizen. It highlights ongoing development, including the addition of new features, locations, and gameplay mechanics, with the aim of creating an immersive and dynamic gameplay experience.

The video discusses the current state of the first star system in the game Star Citizen, called Stanton. While the system is not yet complete, it serves as a foundation for future expansions and updates. Stanton is a safe system with corporate and trade opportunities, as well as piracy and gang activity. The system consists of four planets, controlled by their respective corporate entities, as well as 12 moons, asteroid fields, space stations, and more.

The video highlights the ongoing development of Stanton, with new features and locations being added regularly. These include larger hangars, new space stations, cargo decks, hospitals, atmospheric clouds, and various types of caves. The aim is to create a complex and immersive star system that offers diverse gameplay experiences.

The economy and law in Stanton are also discussed. The economy will be influenced by supply and demand dynamics, and players will have the opportunity to engage in various economic activities and form relationships with factions. Regarding the law, there will be improved security measures, bounty hunting, and better enforcement against criminal activities. There will also be customs checkpoints, smuggling opportunities, and increased access to building interiors and cities.

The video emphasizes that Stanton is an evolving system and will continue to change as new features and gameplay mechanics are added. It will offer a balance between familiarity and novelty in terms of its content. The ongoing updates to Stanton demonstrate the dedication of the developers to create a rich and dynamic gameplay experience for players. The video concludes by encouraging viewers to support the development of Star Citizen and expressing optimism about the future of Stanton and the game as a whole.

salt-e-mike reacts:

In this video titled “We Are Not Playing Star Citizen,” Space Tomato discusses the current incomplete state of the game and highlights the lack of key features and systems, preventing players from fully engaging with it. While there have been updates and improvements planned for the future, the video emphasizes that Star Citizen is still far from being a fully realized game.

In this video by Space Tomato titled “We Are Not Playing Star Citizen,” he explores the current state of the game and discusses the frustrations that arise from its incomplete status. He emphasizes that many key features, such as piracy, resource collection, bounty hunting, and even basic travel, are still missing from the game. This lack of essential systems and features prevents players from fully engaging and testing the game.

Space Tomato highlights the issue of focusing too much on aesthetics and art assets that players cannot interact with or utilize. He argues that the game’s design must align with the functionality of these assets, as new systems and updates will render old ships and locations obsolete.

He goes on to analyze the Stanton system, the first star system in the game, and how it serves as a foundation for future systems. While Stanton has some interesting aspects, such as its planetary biomes and corporate-controlled jurisdictions, it still requires significant development to fulfill its potential.

Space Tomato discusses the ongoing updates and improvements planned for Stanton, including commercial flights, improved ground facilities, building interiors, creatures, and expanding the current locations. However, he cautions that many of these updates are dependent on the completion of crucial game systems and features.

Overall, Space Tomato emphasizes that while Star Citizen has shown impressive progress in certain aspects, it is important to remember that the game is far from complete. The video raises awareness about the ever-changing nature of the game and the need for patience as players await the full realization of Star Citizen’s vision.