Watch 3.19 EVO Patch Notes No BS Star Citizen

The speaker reports that a patch 3.19.0 has been sent to the Evocatis for testing. He expresses confusion over the purpose of the secret team under NDA, suggesting that they rely on players to test instead. He also reminds players to delete their user folder before installing the patch and discusses the possibility of a wipe with the live release. Three new features of the patch are mentioned: a revamped City Skyscape for Lorville, Salvage contract missions, and a rebalance of mining assets. The speaker also mentions the potential for a second system in the future and the benefits of playing together in the MMO.

The first feature of the patch is a revamped City Skyscape for Lorville called Skyline 2.0. The speaker describes it as a larger footprint with adjusted scale and improvements to the buildings. They also mention that work is being done on building interior tech. The second feature is Salvage contract missions, which will allow players to accept Salvage missions confined to the play space. The speaker notes that these will be offered in three types of criminality (lawful, lawless, and unlawful) and will require players to use their reputation. The third feature is a rebalance of mining assets, which will incentivize players to explore new systems and work together to make a better profit.

The speaker also mentions a new Salvage feature that will allow players to attach and detach components from scrap ships with their hand tractor. They envision this feature being useful for salvaging weapons, missiles, and components in the middle of a battle. Finally, the speaker discusses a ghost reclaimer PVP mission, a rebalance of available gear in various stores, and a list of bug fixes. They encourage interested parties to pause the video to see the list of known issues and the link to the leak source on Reddit.