Vulture + Caterpillar Tractor Beam Salvage - LTI ship Giveaway - Star Citizen 3.21.1 gameplay

In this Star Citizen gameplay video, the YouTuber and their team test a salvage method using Vultures and a Caterpillar ship, encountering challenges and experimenting with different strategies. They successfully salvage materials from the Black Kite ship, discuss Star Wars trivia, and express gratitude to their viewers and patrons while announcing a giveaway and plans for future videos.

In this Star Citizen gameplay video, the YouTuber and their team set out to test a salvage method using a combination of Vultures and a Caterpillar ship. They had encountered problems before, such as issues with moving salvaged materials to another ship, but those problems have since been fixed. Additionally, the Caterpillar now has its own ship-based tractor beams to help with cargo movement. They started the day by refueling the Caterpillar and then searched for salvage missions, specifically targeting the 890 Jump for salvage, but it wasn’t available at the time.

Instead, they decided to salvage the Black Kite, a ship located at MicroTech’s LR clouds. They boarded the ship, eliminated the hostile Ninetails, and transmitted data from the ship. While waiting for their teammate to arrive, they discussed Star Wars and the physical actor behind Darth Vader, David Prowse. After completing the mission, they encountered some issues with the collisions of the salvaged boxes on the Caterpillar and the Vulture ships.

They experimented with different strategies, including using the ship’s tractor beam and salvaging attachment, as well as swapping salvaged heads from the Reclaimer to the Vulture. They encountered some bugs and desync issues, such as the Salvage container not filling up and boxes losing collision functionality. They discovered that the front engines of the Reclaimer were the source of the Salvage issues. Despite these challenges, they were able to salvage a significant amount of material and successfully sell it at Area 18.

The YouTuber expressed their gratitude towards their viewers and patrons, as their support allows them to create videos regularly. They also announced a giveaway of a Star Citizen game package, including the Crusader C1 Spirit ship, to one lucky viewer. They thanked the backers of the channel and expressed their excitement for future Star Citizen videos and plans to conduct larger scale salvage operations in the future.