Void Crew Review - Great fun in Space

Void Crew is an intense and fun co-op game set in space. The game revolves around piloting and maintaining a ship, completing missions to salvage loot, and reclaiming Humanity’s lost territory. The game offers different ship sizes and roles for players, including piloting, scavenging, and manning guns. However, the game can be difficult for beginners and lacks a proper progression system. The intensity of the attacks and the need to leave most of the crew on board can limit exploration. Despite some optimization issues and bugs, the game offers a hilarious and thrilling experience for its price. The missions are varied and engaging, although the game could benefit from more tutorials and an easier learning curve. Overall, Void Crew has great potential and can be enjoyed even during its Early Access phase.

The review discusses the game Void Crew, emphasizing its cooperative gameplay. The author suggests that although it is advertised as a single-player game, it is more enjoyable to play with at least two or three people. The game offers a variety of missions and quests set in a space-themed environment. Players can choose between different ships, each varying in size and capabilities. The game requires players to fulfill various roles, such as piloting the ship, manning the guns, and scavenging for valuable loot.

The review highlights the intense and challenging nature of the game, particularly in the early stages. The difficulty level may be overwhelming for new players, potentially deterring them. However, as players become more familiar with the mechanics and strategies, the game becomes more manageable. The author suggests that some missions could benefit from a more relaxed pace and greater opportunities for exploration.

While playing, players can find loot to enhance their weapons and acquire escort ships. However, the review mentions that progression in the game is not saved when players return to base. This means that players lose all acquired loot unless they continue to undertake missions without returning. The review also mentions some optimization issues and bugs, including an out-of-sync bug that caused conflicts. Despite these drawbacks, the reviewer finds the game to be hilarious and enjoyable.

The author further shares an exciting mission experience where the crew had to repair their ship while being attacked. The suspenseful moment of almost successfully escaping with the loot is recounted, although the crew ultimately failed due to a missed jump point. The review concludes by suggesting that Void Crew has great potential for streaming and recommends watching out for updates and improvements as the game is still in Early Access.