VKB MCG Ultimate vs MCG Pro

“In this video we take a look at the updated VKB MCG Pro to the Ultimate edition. We will do a side by side comparison with my personal VKB MCG Pro vs the new VKB MCG Ultimate sticks. We take a look at the updated changes to the build mate”

In this video, the host compares the VKB MCG Pro and MCG Ultimate joysticks. The MCG Pro was from the original run and was deemed too light and noisy, with buttons that gave off a higher pitched sound. The MCG Ultimate, on the other hand, has an all-metal design that feels more sturdy and doesn’t creak when gripped tightly. The Ultimate also has an electroplated coating and a rougher texture, giving it a sleeker appearance. In terms of weight, the Ultimate is much heavier at 590 grams compared to the Pro’s 331 grams.

The force required to activate the brake lever and flip trigger is increased in the Ultimate, making it feel more solid compared to the Pro. The Ultimate also has a soft rubber palm grip pad, giving it a comfortable feel and preventing it from getting too hot or too cold. The buttons on the Ultimate have been updated and are now long travel with tactile click, resulting in a much quieter sound compared to the Pro’s hollow and pingy buttons.

In terms of accessories, the Ultimate comes with muted mill style black button caps, ring finger extenders, alternate hats, and a screwdriver. It also features modular hats that can be easily swapped out without modifying the profile. The Ultimate has two programmable LEDs and is compatible with twist mechanisms. The twist mechanism from the MCG Pro can even be swapped over to the Ultimate.

Overall, the MCG Ultimate offers significant improvements over the MCG Pro, including a sturdier all-metal design, quieter buttons, and additional accessories and customization options. The weightier feel and enhanced features make it a preferred choice for those seeking a high-quality joystick.