Using Supercruise Assist: Waste of a slot or Quality of life? // Elite Dangerous

"The Supercruise Assist is an optional internal module that automates Supercruise travel to a specific destination. It is equipped by default in all newly-purchased ships.

After a destination with a system has been targeted and the pilot h"

In this video, Ricardo discusses the usefulness of the Super Cruise Assist module in the game Elite Dangerous. He explains that while it can provide a quality of life improvement for some players, others prefer to use the class one slot for something else. To use the module, players need to have it fitted in their ship and be in open space. They can access it through the left-hand panel screen and align their ship with the destination. They then need to move the throttle into the Blue Zone, which is indicated by the red bar on the throttle HUD turning blue. Once in the Blue Zone, the Super Cruise Assist becomes active and the ship will automatically regulate its approach to the set location or enter orbit around a planetary body.

Ricardo acknowledges that the instructions on how to use the module are not very clear. He provides a step-by-step demonstration by selecting Jameson Memorial as the destination and engaging the Super Cruise Assist. He emphasizes that planetary targets require a different approach as the module puts the ship into orbit instead of directly landing at the destination. He demonstrates the process by selecting Jameson Base, pointing the ship in the right direction, and engaging Super Cruise Assist again.

During the approach, the module moderates the throttle, slowing down the ship as it nears the destination. Ricardo mentions that if the destination is on the other side of the planet, the module will drop the ship straight in, requiring the player to manually guide it to the desired location. Once in orbit, players can choose to disengage or make further adjustments to their position. Ricardo mentions the benefits of using the Super Cruise Assist module for players who want to multitask or simply enjoy the visuals of the game.

Overall, Ricardo concludes that having the Super Cruise Assist module installed in the ship is necessary to use this feature effectively. He mentions that he sees potential benefits for this module, particularly for players who want to engage in grinding activities while completing other tasks. However, he also mentions that it may not be commonly used by experienced players. He plans to test it further to determine its usefulness.