Unlocking Star Citizen Ship Leaks & Exclusive IAE 2953 Paints

In this video, the host shares leaked information and speculation about new ships and paints for the IA 2953 event in Star Citizen, including a potential Drake freighter and a Mirai heavy fighter. The video also mentions enticing paints for various ships, armor and suits, as well as price increases for certain ships participating in the event.

In this video, the host shares some leaks and exclusive information about new ships and paints for the IA 2953 event in Star Citizen. The host warns that the following information contains speculation and leaked details, so viewers who don’t want any spoilers should click away. The first leak showcases a massive Drake freighter that is still in the early concept stage. The video also mentions another ship, known as the Mirai, which is a heavy fighter concepted as a Vanguard competitor and is designed for long-range engagements. However, the host emphasizes that these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt.

Moving on, the video reveals some enticing paints for ships participating in the Best in Show event, including the Redeemer, Corsair, 600i, and Vulture. These paints are described as looking “dang sexy,” though the host admits to being slightly over the metallic paint trend. Following that, the video discusses the armor and suits that will be available at the IA 2953 event, such as the Venture armor and the Xan thol suit. An exploration suit called the Novakov, accompanied by the S71 rifle, is also mentioned.

The video then shifts focus to the price increases of certain ships for the IA 2953 event. Although it is unclear if these increases are due to functionality or typical ship price rises, the host notes that the Orion, a new mining ship by RSI, and the Hull D, a previously released ship, could be factors. The Redeemer, Aila, Oursus, and F7 CM have all received price increases ranging from $5 to $10. The host encourages viewers to share their thoughts on these price changes in the comments section.

In conclusion, the video shares leaked information about ships and paints for the IA 2953 event in Star Citizen. However, the host repeatedly emphasizes that everything discussed should be treated as speculation and leaks, and viewers should exercise caution. The leaks include a potential Drake freighter, a Mirai heavy fighter, enticing paints for several ships, and the armor and suits available at the event. Additionally, certain ships have experienced price increases, potentially related to new ship releases or other factors.