Triple Your Salvage Income with This Method in Star Citizen

Erad discusses the idea of stashing goods in Star Citizen, a space trading and combat simulator. The process entails collecting various types of cargo, like legal RMC and illegal commodities, using the Vulture - a ship with a limited capacity but suitable for salvage missions. However, the narrator mentions the challenge of cargo restrictions and the fear of others discovering and stealing the stashed goods. He also illustrates his actions with a real stint where he successfully collected and stashed goods without being discovered or robbed.

In the game, the narrator uses the Cutlass, another spacecraft, as the stash for his collected cargo. The reason for this is the larger storage capacity of the Cutlass as compared to the Vulture. He shares how he collected specific amounts of different materials and how the pricing for each could vary. He realized that certain materials like RMC were more worth it than the regular containers, given the time taken in evading spaceships, not getting arrested and the occupied space. Providing insights from the game, he advises not to always go to busy places and choose less crowded spots for stashing.

The ultimate goal is to sell the stashed goods at the Trading, Development, and Division (TDD) point for UEC, which is the in-game currency. He concludes the text by mentioning the amount earned from his stash and considers the overall outcome as satisfactory. As a note, he warns fellow gamers about the risk of theft and suggests them to keep a gun handy. Lastly, he mentions the ongoing giveaway of a Scorpius, which can be won through Patreon membership, Youtube membership, or partaking in a video sharing contest.