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This set of garbled words seems to indicate the speaker is in a tricky situation. In the first moment, they are describing their situation as ‘amazing’ with some surprise. They then seem to indicate they are running out of time and need help. As they realise this task is too hard for them, they express despair before coming to the conclusion that their only option is to follow Star Citizen’s lead. They finish with a resigned acceptance of this situation.

The speaker appears to be in a state of confusion as they are taken aback by the situation they are in. While they ask for help in the second paragraph, they seem to already be expecting this venture is too difficult for them. This expectation of failure is made clear when they state they ‘deserve’ this outcome.

The tone of the passage changes in the third paragraph as the speaker takes on a more despairing attitude. There is a sense that the speaker is resigned to their fate and is accepting their helplessness. They make the conscious decision to go along with Star Citizen’s lead in hope it will lead them to a better outcome. The speaker’s thought process is revealed in these few sentences.