Top 3 Easy Money Activities in Star Citizen

"Star Citizen doesn’t have a great deal of money-sinks at this point in it’s development, and the only real use for your aUEC long term is the purchase of ships.

So here’s my favorite non-grindy easy Money Methods currently in 3.19.1 and ho"

In this video, the narrator discusses their top three easy money-making activities in Star Citizen. The first activity is combat assist beacons, which have been popular since the 3.17 update. These missions involve helping AI in distress and killing hostile ships. While the payouts have been balanced since the initial release, they still offer a decent amount of credits and can be completed relatively quickly. The difficulty of the missions increases as your combat assist reputation rises.

The second activity is v890 jump boarding missions. These missions are located in Microtech and ArcCorp and offer an alternative to the repetitive bunker missions. Players can earn 45,000 UEC by completing the mission and an additional 5,000 UEC for preventing a data upload. This mission primarily focuses on FPS combat, and players need to be equipped with armor and weapons to succeed. There are 20 pirates and up to 10 security personnel on board the ship, and players must eliminate the pirates without harming the security personnel.

The third activity is using the vulture ship for hole scraping. Although the vulture ship is currently only available as a pledge ship, it is expected to be available for purchase in the game in the future. Hole scraping involves finding panels in asteroid rings and collecting them to sell at trade development divisions. A full cargo hold of panels can earn players around 150,000 UEC per run. This activity is considered very relaxing and does not require any upfront investment or refining fees.

The vulture ship also allows players to participate in salvage missions, which offer consistent payouts and can be quite profitable. By working together with friends, players can load up their cargo ship and sell the salvaged items at Grim Hex. Although there is a slight decrease in payout per SCU, this method offers a quick turnaround for earning UEC. The narrator concludes by mentioning the upcoming changes and additions to salvage missions in the 3.20 update.