Top 10 Best Ships To Buy In Star Citizen

“Algared and Execute give you there top ten recommendations for ship in Star Citizen.”

In this video, the hosts discuss the top 10 best ships to buy in Star Citizen based on their value proposition. They mention that the list is based on the current state of the game and may change in the future.

They start off with an honorable mention, the Redeemer, which is a great combat ship for group activities. They also mention that it is scheduled to get modularity, which will make it suitable for bounty hunting missions.

The Odyssey ranks tenth, believed to be equal in value to Carrack, it’s argued that purchasing the Odyssey first makes sense since it’s easier to earn down to Carrack. The ninth contender is the Polaris which impresses with its massive deterrent constituted of 28 Torpedoes. The Orion steals the eighth spot, it is known for being a workhorse and for providing a lot of ship for its size.

The seventh place is taken by the Merchantman, valued for carrying the capabilities of an 890 jump at a reduced price. The sixth position is occupied by the Drake Cutter which they recommend as a great starter ship. The fifth spot is hogged by the Reclaimer, it is expected to increase in size and price in the future. It boasts the status of an armored Starship and presents a potential in the Salvage area of the game.

The fourth position is secured by the Avenger Titan, it’s recommended based on the belief that it provides the best all-around ship in the game. The Crucible is presented as the third best value ship, it’s believed to increase in size and possibly the price in the future. The ability to conduct advanced repair works and resupply operations makes it highly valuable.

Finally, the Miss Endeavour is crowned as the number one best value ship. It offers a variety of gameplay options due to its module master set. It’s also expected to grow considerably in size to align with the game needs. Furthermore, the speakers invite the audience to share their top ten best value ships in Star Citizen.

Here is a bulleted markdown list of each ship mentioned in the conversation, ranked from 1 to 10:

  • 1st Endeavor
  • 2nd Crucible
  • 3rd Avenger Titan
  • 4th Reclaimer
  • 5th Drake Cutter
  • 6th Banu Merchantman
  • 7th Drake Cutlass Black
  • 8th RSI Orion
  • 9th RSI Polaris
  • 10th Misc Odyssey
  • Honorable mention: Redeemer

Please note that this list is based on the value proposition of the ships in Star Citizen according to the conversation.