This Star Citizen SHIP costs HOW MUCH ?! #Shorts

The speaker in this Star Citizen-related video expresses excitement about certain ships but is surprised by their high prices. They question whether it is feasible for the average person to purchase these ships, but then reveal that they can be earned in-game using in-game credits, implying that the high prices are justified by gameplay progression.

In this video, the speaker expresses surprise and excitement about the cost of a Star Citizen ship. They initially comment that a certain ship is cool and that they would like to fly it. However, their enthusiasm quickly shifts when they discover the high price of the ship.

The speaker then mentions another ship that they find even better, but are once again shocked by its astronomical price. Although the ship’s cost is not explicitly stated, it appears to be significantly higher than what the speaker anticipated.

Despite their initial disappointment, the speaker expresses interest in the ship and mentions that it looks “yummy,” suggesting that they are still intrigued by its features and capabilities.

Towards the end, the speaker transitions to discussing the possibility of purchasing these ships and questions whether it is feasible for the average person to do so. They appear to be skeptical about the idea of people buying these ships, hinting at potential gimmicks or deception.

Finally, the speaker makes a surprising revelation by mentioning that these ships can be earned in-game using in-game credits. They emphasize that this earning mechanic somehow justifies the high prices, perhaps suggesting that the ships’ costs are compensated by players’ dedication and gameplay progression.