This setup is INSANE! (Star Citizen)

"Star Citizen has some incredible ships but currently the best of the best is the 890 Jump. It’s the largest, most expensive, and most feature-rich ship inside star citizen. That won’t be for long but for now, let’s upgrade it with one of my favorite ships and see how we get on in the verse. "

In this video, the host showcases the Star Citizen game and specifically the 890 Jump ship, which is a luxurious cruiser. The ship is fully customizable, with the host adding upgrades like a coffee machine, speaker system, and alarm clock. The ship also has storage space and a hidden compartment for smuggling. The host takes on missions, starting with a dogfight in an asteroid field and encountering some difficulties due to running out of ammo. They manage to find their way back to the 890 Jump and continue with a mission to collect a package from a derelict settlement. The host then comes up with the idea to use the 890 Jump as an upgrade station for their smaller ship, the 315p, salvaging weapons from another ship in a risky mission. They successfully complete the mission and return to their 890 Jump, finding it still intact and ending the video.

Overall, the video showcases the features and capabilities of the 890 Jump ship in Star Citizen. The host highlights the customization options and the ability to set respawn points on the ship. They also demonstrate the ship’s storage space and hidden smuggling compartment. The video includes gameplay footage of missions, emphasizing the challenges and rewards of piloting the ship. The host’s creative use of the 890 Jump as an upgrade station adds an additional layer of gameplay strategy. With its luxurious design and powerful capabilities, the 890 Jump proves to be a versatile and impressive asset in the game.