This NEW game came out of NOWHERE!?

The speaker expresses their excitement about an upcoming game, which is reminiscent of the playstyle of Command and Conquer Renegade series or Battle Zone series. The game, called Silica, is an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) FPS (First-Person Shooter) hybrid developed by an indie company funded by Bohemia Interactive, creators of Arma. The speaker believes this game would appeal fans of the aforementioned gaming series and is something different that is much needed in the current gaming industry.

The speaker has developed a recent interest in this blend of RTS and FPS games as they believe it is an area unexplored to its full potential in a market saturated with more traditional FPS games. They recall their fondness for the original Battle Zone series, which they consider to be the epitome of RTS FPS gameplay, and regret that the genre has faded away. Other attempts at such hybrids have been lacking, often prioritizing RTS over FPS, unlike Battle Zone which had a more balanced gameplay.