This is Why Star Citizen is so Hard To Enjoy

The latest patch for Star Citizen, version 3.19.1, was highly anticipated as it was expected to address the frustrating issues that players have been encountering. However, the patch did not improve the game experience for many players, with several critical problems still persisting. Players have been unable to access the main lobby and select a home location, resulting in an inability to enter the game. The game’s cloud provider also experienced an outage, causing further disruptions.

The community’s frustration with the game’s stability and connectivity issues is evident. Many players have expressed their dissatisfaction and have chosen to put the game aside until these problems are resolved. The author, who is a content creator and a father with limited free time, emphasizes that the time spent playing a game should be enjoyable and not filled with frustration and anger due to technical issues. As a result, the author plans to explore other games, such as Starfield, to avoid wasting their limited free time.

Ultimately, the author highlights the importance of stability in a game like Star Citizen and empathizes with the community who has been eagerly waiting for improvements. They acknowledge that while there have been previous difficult times in the game’s development, they believe that things will eventually get better.