This is only possible in Star Citizen!

In this Star Citizen gameplay video, the player explores various locations, salvages items, and encounters bugs while mining. They also repair their ship, scan other ships for salvage, and discuss upcoming updates and features, expressing excitement for the future of the game.

In this Star Citizen gameplay video, the player explores different locations and engages in organic gameplay. They start by heading to the Aurora MR ship to see if it needs any help or if there is any salvageable cargo. After salvaging a few items, they move on to another location called Dunor, where they encounter some hand-mineable rocks by the riverside. They try to mine them but face some issues due to bugs in the game.

The player then moves to Lakeside, where they continue repairing their ship and appreciate the beautiful scenery. They discuss the importance of maintaining and repairing their ship, as it improves the ship’s overall integrity. They also mention the upcoming update that will introduce the ability to repair ship components.

Next, the player travels to Harper’s Point and finds several ships and vehicles, including a Terrapin and a 400i. They scan the ships to see if they are salvageable and discover that the 400i is owned by another player. They decide to check out a 300i instead and manage to salvage some weapons from it. They discuss the potential for selling these weapons in the future, as currently, default ship weapons cannot be sold.

Finally, the player returns to ASOR Clearing to sell the salvaged weapons and reflect on the enjoyable gameplay experience in Star Citizen. They mention the ongoing server issues and express excitement for the future updates and features that will enhance the gameplay experience, such as dedicated salvage and repair tools, painting ships, and owning bases. The player also encourages viewers to subscribe to their channel and join them on Twitch for more Star Citizen gameplay.